A Revolutionary Self Serve Mobile Advertising Platform

The World’s Largest Mobile RTB DSP with access to Banner, Native, Video and JavaScript Ads

6,051,590 Placements

Massive inventory of apps /sites to advertise on

50 Billion Daily Impression

Potential to have your Banner, Video and JS ads seen 50 billion times each day!

Reach 99.8% of Mobile Users

If they have a mobile device, you can reach them.

27 Exchange Partners

No need to manage multiple accounts, all your advertising in one place.

Launch your new mobile advertising campaign

You’ll have your next mobile campaign set up in just 4 simple steps

What Our Mobile Advertising Platform Has to Offer:

CPM and CPC bidding

Choose between CPM and CPC bidding, used in conjunction with bid optimization, will ensure you win each impression at the minimum price.

Global and Local

You have the ability to reach a global audience or use our hyper local targeting to reach people at the street level

Apps and Websites

Display your ads across over 6 million mobile applications and mobile websites. You’ll have immediate access to premium inventory!

Self Service and Managed Service

Take control of your campaign, choose your own placements, bids and budgets. If you’re running a larger campaign, feel free to contact us.

ISP and Carrier

Advanced ISP and carrier identification allows you target or exclude specific carriers in virtually all GEOs.

Wifi Connections

You can target or exclude users who are on a wifi connection. This is very helpful for larger app installs or mobile content style offers.

OS and Devices

Target Android, IOS and Windows operating systems. As well as, specific devices and manufacturers.

Black and White List

Blacklist low performing placements and whitelist successful placements to create a successful campaign.

Open Inventory

View all available mobile websites and mobile applications you can advertise on.

Audience Retargeting

Create an audience based on impressions, clicks or conversion and add them to an exclusion or inclusion list.

Video Ads

Reach your audience with our easy to use mobile video advertising platform

Creative Sizes

Advertise in all popular mobile advertising sizes, such as: 320×50, 300×250, 480×320 and more.

Our User Interface



View all campaign statistics and data at a simple glance. This allows you to quickly and easily see how your campaigns are performing overtime.



Analyze further to view how specific Sites, Creatives, Carriers, Manufacturers, OS, OS Versions, Exchanges and Countries are performing across all campaigns or a specific campaign.



Use our planner to view millions of potential placements to advertise on and the amount of impressions available.



Generate accurate reports to satisfy any accounting purpose and quickly display spends, impressions, clicks and conversions.

Our Exchange Partners

You have access mobile advertising inventory across the following exchanges

About Us

Adivity is a Real-time Bidding Demand Side Platform based out of Adelaide, Australia. We enable the programmatic buying of mobile advertising across multiple exchange partners. Whether you have a mobile application that needs downloads, a product that needs sales or you’re looking to generate leads – our DSP has got you covered. With global scale and an ever increasing list of partners, Adivity will help you turn your idea into the next big thing.

Through our platform, buyers have the ability to search over 6 million mobile apps and website to purchase advertising automatically. You will never have to negotiate an insertion order again, we take care of that for you.

The platform is entirely self-serve, meaning you are in complete control. You set the bids, the budgets and the creatives you want to run. Only pay for the clicks or impressions your ads generate on the placements you choose.

If you need help, we are here for you. We know what works and how to take your offer from zero to hero. Whether you require app installs, lead generation, sales or brand awareness – we can point you in the right direction.

Our philosophy is to make self serve mobile advertising simple and effective when implemented.

Why Choose Adivity For Your Mobile Advertising?

Centralize Purchases

With access to over 20 mobile advertising networks, you can centralize all your mobile buying in one place. No need to manage multiple accounts, bids, budgets and creative approvals.

Fast Approvals

We aim to review all campaigns within a 2 hour period, 7 days a week. No more waiting around for campaigns to be approved. We’ll try our hardest to get you up and running fast.

Easy to use

Our platform is extremely easy to use, even for complete beginners. With the simple to use 4 step campaign creation process – you’ll be able to have your campaign up and running in only a few minutes.

Accurate Tracking

Use our server-to-server tracking to accurately display all conversions and enable effortless optimization. You can also integrate with 3rd party tracking platforms and forward data with our many tracking macros.

Cost Effective

We set a minimum bid price of just $0.01 for both cost per click (CPC) and cost per one thousand (CPM), allowing a very low entry price. This is especially helpful in developing countries, where high minimum bids can be very prohibitive.

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