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You must ensure that any Creative or Campaign comply with the following conditions:

  1. The Ads do not include any ‘virus’ or other destructive programming or device that could impair or injure any data, computer system or software;
  2. The Ads do not contain Alerts or attempt to mimic a System Notification. This includes ads mentioning the user has a virus or the user needs an update, when this is clearly a misleading marketing gimmick.
  3. The Ads do not contain flashing alerts or flashy images which are too distracting to the eye;
  4. The Ads do not merely say “Download” or “Play”. It must be clear to the user the service which is being advertised;
  5. The Ads do not contain content or links related to pornographic, obscene or sexually explicit images or activity;
  6. The Ads do not violate any applicable laws or regulations or guidelines or codes of practice, including without limitation, false or deceptive or comparative advertising laws, gaming and gambling laws, competition laws, and criminal laws;
  7. The Ads do not contain content that is defamatory, violates any rights of privacy or publicity or constitutes a misrepresentation;
  8. The Ads do not contain content or links that is disparaging to Adivity or Publishers;
  9. The content of the Ads do not and will not infringe any Intellectual Property Rights or other proprietary rights;
  10. The Ads do not engage in, promote or facilitate illegal activities such as pirating, hacking, terrorism or any other activities.
  11. You will also make all reasonable efforts that all Creatives and/or Campaigns comply with the following guidelines:

Style & Grammar Guidelines

  • Proper grammar conventions should be followed.
  • Use of common text message abbreviations is permitted.
  • The use of brand names / logos is recommended.

Links & Phone Numbers Guidelines

  • Your destination URL must NOT contain Alerts or attempt to mimic System Notifications (this includes Javascript Alerts).
  • Your destination URL must be viewable in mobile web browsers.
  • Your destination URL must link to a working mobile website written in a supported markup language (xhtml, wml, chtml, or html for PDAs).
  • You may not link to an email address or a file (for example, an image, audio, video, or document file that requires an additional program or application to open or run).
  • You may not switch out the destination URL without prior approval.
  • The landing page for Ads cannot be under construction.
  • Your destination URL must link to an actual mobile web page with content relevant to the applicable Advertisement.
  • Your destination URL must work properly.
  • “Click-to-call” numbers must connect customers to advertiser’s business.
  • Phone numbers must be functional.
  • Phone numbers may not connect customers to a fax number.
  • Phone numbers must be local or domestic to the country advertiser’s Ads are targeting.
  • Telephone numbers must use the correct format for the target country.
  • Toll or fee-based telephone numbers that require additional payment by the caller are not allowed.
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