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Mobile CPM Ad Rates – Top 5 Exchanges

Adivity provides Mobile Banner, HTML and Video advertising across a broad range of Exchange partners. In order to help with your programmatic media buying, we have complied a list of the Average CPM Winning Bid for Mobile ads.

Right Click > Save As: Download our Average Mobile CPM Ad Rate Spreadsheet

Please note: The spreadsheet includes premium and non-premium inventory. It also does not distinguish between different ad sizes – it shows the average for all banner sizes across each GEO. For example, 480×320 banners have much higher CPM bids than the standard 320×50 banners.

The average CPM bids are broken down across our Top 5 Exchanges of Smaato, MoPub, Nexage, Inneractive and Flurry. It is further broken down across IOS and Android Inventory (you will also have access to Windows Inventory). To sort through the exchanges, please use the tabs at the bottom of the rate sheet. 

In addition to this, Adivity integrates with a further 15 exchanges (20 in total) giving access to a truly global supply of inventory. We have the ability to purchase on a Fixed CPM rate, an Optimized CPM Rate or an a Cost-Per-Click basis.

You can get started with your own campaigns or your clients’ campaigns, by visiting: Alternatively, we are available for consultation by emailing: [email protected] or skype: adivity

Our platform caters to both brand and performance marketers, who are seeking access to global volume across all major devices, manufactures and operating systems. If you have any further questions, don’t be shy – get in touch 🙂

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